10 Confessions About Me

1. I am a super sensitive person. I will cry for almost anything, movies, books, i even feel like crying if i see a little old lady crossing the street by herself. Anything easily breaks or warms my heart.

2. I rather have my room bright with daylight than being in a dim room, it depresses me if its dim.

3. I hate talking on the phone for a long period of time, i like keeping it short and simple and rather talk in person. I rarely txt also.

4. Although i was born and raised in NYC and love it, i rather live in the suburbs. It’s something i’ve always wanted since i was little and use to spend my summers in ohio.

5. I have always struggled with my weight. In the last year I’ve gained weight making me the heaviest I’ve ever been. It’s something i hate having to deal with but one minute i lose a lot and the next i gain it back, now i am on a mission again to lose it and keep it off. I think i’ve tried every diet in the world. Now i am finding it extremely hard to drop weight.

6. Till this day  i am still afraid of my mom, i know my boundaries. She’s a loving person and still my friend but i won’t disrespect her. Now a days kids are so disrespectful to their parents its disgusting.

7. Shopping is literally therapy to me. I haven’t been doing it lately though because i am trying to keep a strict budget and i actually WANT to accomplish that goal this year. So i am kind of depressed because i can’t shop much.

8. I HATE public speaking. I mean seriously i feel like i am going to die. It is just not for me, everyone just standing there staring at you. I think i would be more at ease if i know the people personally of course. But presentations were my worst nightmare in school/college.

9. I am OCD with neatness, haha i can’t have a mess i go nuts.

10. I am superstitious and i try not to be, but it drives me nuts if someone walks under a ladder or opens umbrellas in a house, black cats you name it. I am actually much better than years ago, but its a work in progress.

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