100 Things about Me | Part 1-25

1. I love pickles!
2. I am obsessed with Italian and Mexican food.
3. I have a habit of biting my nails.
4. I am always struggling with my weight.
5. I use to salsa dance at the studio almost every week constantly but not anymore, i still love it and dance it, i just don’t hit the studio anymore.
6. My favorite colors are Red & Pink.
7. I got a degree in Communication Design (focus on web design, graphic design, packaging design, photography).
8. I currently work in a preschool for children with special needs.
9. I have been blogging since 2001, but i stopped, then i started again in 2005 then stopped again, then started again in 2011 lol. I guess college didn’t allow me the time to do it plus i was always out and about all the time, never home.
10. I love makeup, especially messing with eye shadows.
11. I hate facebook but i still check it haha.
12. I love the smell of rubbing alcohol weird but true.
13. I am addicted to Brooklyn Cupcakes 🙂 yummy!
14. The smell of gasoline makes me want to vomit.
15. I get car sick very easily, i cannot read or focus on a phone, or anything without feeling like i will throw up i can only look straight at the road.
16. I passed my road test on the first try (my parking was horrible though).
17. I get so nervous flying ever since 9/11.
18. I am afraid of dying, even though i know everyone will go through it one day.
19. I am an animal lover.
20. I love to scrapbook, whenever i have time.
21. I wont finish a book i don’t like. I use to and i hated the whole dragging feeling of trying to finish it so no more.
22. I am a huge budget-er!
23. I can not stand the sound of hearing people chew food or gum loudly!
24. I am terrified to swim in the ocean, but will swim in a pool.
25. People say my laugh is contagious or loud, but you can always catch me laughing.

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