100 Things about Me | Part 26-50

26. So now that i am engaged, i don’t know where to start. I never dreamed of a wedding when i was little.
27. I feel like weddings are a waste of money, but i still want one, go figure!
28. I have one sister and one brother. We are all opposites in attitude.
29. I use to take the NYC subway everyday, now i hate even getting on.
30. I have two dogs, a maltese and a yorkie, named Chloe and Lola.
31. I drive a hoopty for now because i don’t believe in buying a brand new car, wasting money when there is public transportation and a car that takes me from point A TO B is fine with me for now. Of course once i start a family i will need an upgrade :).
32. When i was younger i use to go up to Ohio and spend every summer there with my favorite aunt Rosie & cousins.
33. I love all types of music from indie to spanish to hiphop to techno! I even love a little bit of country, and a little bit of rock & roll.
34. I am a city chic that dreams to live in the suburbs one day.
35. I have weak upper body strength, if there was a life/death situation and i am ever asked to climb a rope or anything like it poor me.
36. I am a neat freak, i love everything to be organized too.
37. I have two step kids that i love like they were my own.
38. I am a coupon freak, yes i am one of those extreme couponers and proud, how much did you pay for your shampoo $4.99?! Me, $.10 cents.
39.I love anything coconut!
40.I love the fall season best.
41. I love my grandmother so much and feel like she is the best person in my life.
42. I am way too sensitive, something i am not proud of, i will cry even if i see an old person crossing the streets by themselves.
43.I have a thing for bright colors, if its bold and colorful i love it.
44. I hate leaving voice mails.
45. I have a love for office supplies.
46. I love the smell of a new book.
47. I’m a coffee addict, i use to hate it before college, now i can’t live with out it.
48. I am always caught daydreaming.
49. I am an early bird getting up usually 5-7 a.m. but no later than 7. I just feel like i waste my day if i don’t.
50. I use to have an obsession with anything fairy’s back in the days, but artistic not Tinkerbell. I colected art, books, figurines, etc.

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