100 Things about Me | Part 51-75

51. I love BBQ’s
52. I rather go to a restaurant than cook.
53. I want to visit FIJI/Bora Bora.
54. I use to watch saved by the bell religiously everyday after school.
55. It takes a whole lot to get me upset.
56. I give people the benefit of the doubt way too much.
57. I know i need glasses because i see a little blurry from far but never went to get it checked, it’s on my list of things to do.
58. I think into things way too much.
59. I love making lists.
60. My name is Liliana and my sister is Lilibeth and yes it was done on purpose and no there is no LiliC.
61. My favorite perfume is Christian Dior Pure Poison.
62. Everything about mushrooms gross me out.
63. I am terrified of bees, wasp, hornets anything that stings period. I got stung when i was a child by a bee in the park while sucking on a blow pop, worst part is he flew in my mouth and stung me on my tongue and my dad had to take it out my mouth, so yes i am traumatized.
64. I seriously can’t live without my iPhone.
65. I hate the hot weather, i rather anything other than summer.
66. I want to adopt a child one day.
67. I love Cirque du Soleil i want to watch every show they have!
68. I love almost any red colored candy.
69. I love hot hot showers.
70. I have naturally curly hair that i always want straight.
71. I don’t like talking on the phone long, i rarely pick up my cellphone.
72. I am a planner, i like to know what i have to do.
73. Living in NYC causes me to get anxious and have road rage with stupid drivers.
74. I love the smell of grass, since little.
75. I get bored really easily.

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