100 Things about Me | Part 76-100

76. I use to work at American Girl Place and hated it. Although i met nice friends there. I use to love their dolls there when i was little i always wanted Josephina and finally bought her, but disliked the place and phony workers.
77. I love to eat cucumbers by themselves, I find them so fresh.
78. I am a lounge/Bar girl, I dislike night clubs.
79. I hate to argue. If you feel the sky is purple then fine it’s purple.
80. I am an Aquarius, i feel like we are really nice, humble people.
81. I was a 9lb baby.
82. When i was little, i use to love scary movies (still do) i use to sit in the dark living room watching them my mom told me. It use to freak her out lol.
83. I like to call kids trolls in a loving way though, not a mean/ugly way, it’s just my slang for a rugrat.
84. I think five guys burgers are the best burgers i’ve tried as of yet.
85. I believe once you go mac you never go back.
86. Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays.
87. I hate public speaking.
88. Although i am loud and look like a social butterfly, i am actually very shy.
89. My favorite style era is the 50’s.
90.Twins run on both sides of my family. eeks.
91. I can drink gallons and gallons of iced coffee but no more than two cups of hot coffee.
92. I have zer0 political views, i think their all out of their minds. Peace & Love people who cares about politics.
93. I don’t like the number 13 and 9. But i do love the number 7.
94. College was a very stressful time in my life, not fun at all.
95. I love being at the beach at night.
96. I am always too hot or too cold.
97. I like biting Thomas, my poor lovie lets me haha!
98. I must always dot my I’s.
99. Living in New York i grew up with playing in the pump (open fire hydrants) instead of the pool daily.
100. I do not like being center of attention or being put on the spot.

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