101 in 1001 Days!

So a long time ago (2014 to be exact) I did a 101 in 1001 days list and I actually got some stuff crossed off my list! If you want to know more info on this fun bucket list check out this site. Today I decided I wanted to do this same list of goals again! I love a good list of goals, and this one is just a group of all my bucket list items in one place pretty much. I realized sometimes just having a random bucket list isn’t enough, they can be ignored cause they’re all separate. This one you have 2.75 years to try to complete it. So here we go:

Date Started: August 08, 2020 || Date Ends: November 17, 2023


1. Do a trip just the two of us.

2. Do a long Road Trip to the west side.

3. Visit Aruba.

4. Go on a cruise for the first time.

5. Go to the Poconos on a romantic getaway.

6. Go Camping.

7. Visit Costa Rica.

8. Check out the 911 museum.

9. Go to the west coast.

10. Go to a city I’ve never been to before.

11. Visit Nashville.

12. Visit a farm and pick berries or fruits.

13. Visit a random state just for fun.

14. Find & Go to a drive-in movie theater.


15. Make a brand design.

16. Get Delilah to stop breastfeeding. Done @ 2 Years Old.

17. Get my vision checked.

18. Un-Plugg from social media every weekend.

19. Launch my design business.

20. Start taking vitamins.

21. Get to my goal weight of 140 lbs.

22. Make working out a daily routine. Or mostly daily.

23. Go on a real picnic on grass with blanket and all!

24. Be completely debt free!

25. Read the Bible regularly.

26. Learn to calm my anxiety.

27. Do an activity outdoors with the kids per month.

28. Blog & YouTube Regularly.

29. Get to do 80% of the stuff on this list.

30. Overcome my superstitions or OCD.

31. Do a family photoshoot.

32. Go back to cutting out sugar from my diet.

33. Watch 5 new documentaries.

34. Learn to make my own signature cocktail.

35. Read 20 new books.

36. Finish the bible.

37. Clean out my Rae Dunn Collection.

38. Buy a Home.

39. Clean Out / Organize my Dunn pieces.

40. Get my teeth whitened.

41. Go on a picnic.

42. Visit a Lake.

43. Leave a 100% tip!

44. Schedule a months worth of blog posts.

45. Post everyday for one month on the blog.

46. Take one photo a day for 365 Days.

47. Put away four paychecks for an emergency fund.

48. Jetski for the first time.

49. Blog about 50 of the 101 things I have achieved.


50. Try a new recipe atleast every month.

51. Learn more baking techniques, like make a pie or other fun desserts.

52. Eat cleaner.

53. Try eating more veggies or at least eating them twice a week.

54. Organize my recipes where I can access them easily.

55. Try LA Tacos.

56. Bake a loaf of bread.

57. Make homemade ice-cream.

58. Make ten recipes off Pinterest.

59. Have breakfast in bed moments.


60. Have a nicely organized closet.

61. Get rid of things I don’t need. Less it more motto.

62. Organize and purge some of my Rae Dunn collection.

63. Shred unwanted paperwork and figure out a scanning system.

64. Figure out a way to keep the kids room organized.

65. Organize my time better, and prioritize important things.

66. Figure out a way to organize pots & pans which are annoying.

67. Organize holiday decor and get rid of some.

68. Organize files & important documents.


69. Get into YouTube.

70. Learn more photography lens and my camera body better.

71. Stick to at least one 365 Daily Photos one of these years.

72. Have consistent schedule with instagram.

73. Learn to master dip powder.

74. Create a DIY from Pinterest.

75. Post IGTV Videos.

76. Create more DIY’s for my blog.

77. Create a shadow box with my wedding bouquet, garter, and head pieces etc.

78. Figure out a way to store meaningful greeting cards.

79. Figure out a way to display wedding cards.

80. Print out all my Instagram photos and put them into magnets.

81. Get use to having a set schedule with Social Media.

82. Publish the photos from the 365 project into a coffee table book.

83. Create a piece of art.


84. Organize storage room.

85. Get a new couch.

86. Get a new dining set.

87. Add scriptures or versus to the wall tastfully.

88. Go to 5 new restaurants in NYC.

89. Order a new area rug for our dining room.

90. Buy something from etsy for my my home.

91. Declutter home decor items I don’t care about anymore.

92. Save for a down payment on a house.

93. Learn how to fold fitted sheets.

94. Have a stocked bar at home.

95. Make curtains for my kitchen.

96. Set up a chore system for the kids.

97. Host a holiday at my home.

98. Re-Decorate my bedroom.

99. Get new dressers.

100. Remove gallery wall and replace it with something different.

101. Do this list again!


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