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A-Z Quiz

A-Z I saw this survey on Allison's blog, and I just had to do it. It's true what she says it does remind me of being in high school and filling out those silly MySpace & social site surveys. A. Age: 26 years old! Almost over the hill! B. Bed size: Full. Good enough for one person. C. Chore that you hate: I cannot stand doing laundry, i think it's the folding of the clothes that annoys me. I rather throw it in the laundry bag and ... Read the Post

Movie Night

So yesterday i ended up getting a huge ticket of a $115.00 for supposidly parking in a No Standing Zone across the street from my home. There was no such sign! There never has been! Ever! There is only an alternate side parking sign, where it says no parking from 7-7pm on certain days. So technically it was suppose to be a $60.00 ticket (yes i got them before). So anyway my point is that i was allowed to park there because alternate ... Read the Post