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10 Confessions About Me

1. I am a super sensitive person. I will cry for almost anything, movies, books, i even feel like crying if i see a little old lady crossing the street by herself. Anything easily breaks or warms my heart. 2. I rather have my room bright with daylight than being in a dim room, it depresses me if its dim. 3. I hate talking on the phone for a long period of time, i like keeping it short and simple and rather talk in person. I rarely txt ... Read the Post

10 Guilty Pleasures & Habits

Yes we all have them and i am living proof of having many! 1. Mexican Food | I cannot live without it, it's my favorite food besides Pasta. 02. Reading | I'm a bookworm and have a habit of reading, have it be books, magazines, blogs. You will hardly ever catch me watching TV. Currently i am into the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. 03. Brooklyn Cupcakes | I just love their cupcakes, if you are in the NYC area you must try them! This ... Read the Post

My Easter Week

I am off this whole week from work and i am actually enjoying the quiet alone time a bit. I can catch up on my current reading and just enjoy some me time. I had a nice Easter too, went to my church and after I met with Thomas and had some sushi :) in the north side of Brooklyn. I am so happy he learned to eat it, he can be a picky eater only because he likes to play it safe when it comes to food, especially eating out, he doesn't want ... Read the Post