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A day at South Street Seaport

I love my beautiful city New York, seriously there is nothing boring about it. There are tons of shops, locations, restaurants to visit and you still won't see it all! This past weekend we took a day to hang out just my best friend Helen, her husband, the fiance and my brother Gabriel to just go and enjoy the south street seaport, and of course have dinner. I wont lie, the face that i live in NYC doesn't mean i do half of the things ... Read the Post

100 Things about Me | Part 76-100

76. I use to work at American Girl Place and hated it. Although i met nice friends there. I use to love their dolls there when i was little i always wanted Josephina and finally bought her, but disliked the place and phony workers. 77. I love to eat cucumbers by themselves, I find them so fresh. 78. I am a lounge/Bar girl, I dislike night clubs. 79. I hate to argue. If you feel the sky is purple then fine it's purple. 80. I am an ... Read the Post

100 Things about Me | Part 51-75

51. I love BBQ's 52. I rather go to a restaurant than cook. 53. I want to visit FIJI/Bora Bora. 54. I use to watch saved by the bell religiously everyday after school. 55. It takes a whole lot to get me upset. 56. I give people the benefit of the doubt way too much. 57. I know i need glasses because i see a little blurry from far but never went to get it checked, it's on my list of things to do. 58. I think into things way too much. 59. ... Read the Post

100 Things about Me | Part 26-50

26. So now that i am engaged, i don't know where to start. I never dreamed of a wedding when i was little. 27. I feel like weddings are a waste of money, but i still want one, go figure! 28. I have one sister and one brother. We are all opposites in attitude. 29. I use to take the NYC subway everyday, now i hate even getting on. 30. I have two dogs, a maltese and a yorkie, named Chloe and Lola. 31. I drive a hoopty for now because i ... Read the Post

100 Things about Me | Part 1-25

1. I love pickles! 2. I am obsessed with Italian and Mexican food. 3. I have a habit of biting my nails. 4. I am always struggling with my weight. 5. I use to salsa dance at the studio almost every week constantly but not anymore, i still love it and dance it, i just don't hit the studio anymore. 6. My favorite colors are Red & Pink. 7. I got a degree in Communication Design (focus on web design, graphic design, packaging design, ... Read the Post

Terrible Twos

Ever since we took in Drake we couldn't be happier. He brings life to our home and is the most adorable little boy, honestly he is! But boy is he really testing us lately. I like to call it the terrible twos! Seriously he is on a roll touching things, throwing things, running away from us even when we are in the stores, and of course when you try to tell him no! he looks at you like "stop me". Honestly i give mothers out there with ... Read the Post