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Favorite TV Shows

I am not a constant TV lover but that doesn't mean i don't like to see a good TV show or movie from time to time. I just won't sit at my TV 24/7. Ever since i got Netflix though i have enjoyed a couple of shows a lot. Some that kept me watching till i finished the seasons, and yes i know some are old shows but like i said i don't keep up with real time tv. So these are the shows I am loving lately, if you haven't seen these shows, well ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Sept. 1st

Welcome September 1st! Summer is coming to an end and soon School will start and I will be back to work. This summer was great, although summer isn't my cup of tea i had a nice relaxing/busy one. This week was a little more laid back. I spent a night out with my two close friends for my friend Izzy's birthday. Then Thomas and I went and had breakfast at one of our favorite old school breakfast spots Bills. We went to the mall and ... Read the Post