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Donovan Hospitalized

It was my worst nightmare last week, Donovan caught the RSV virus. I have never heard about it before and just figured it was a little cold when I heard him coughing and sneezing, until I heard him congested and wheezing. Last Saturday I had his 2 month check up and he was suppose to get vaccinated so I figured the doctor will tell me that he had a slight cold and send me on my way, boy was I WRONG! The doctor noticed he was ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month One

Donovan Month One, I can't believe it! Month one has ended, and now he's two months old! What a crazy difference from the newborn phase. Its crazy how the month flew by, one minute you are a newborn and the next thing I know he's two months old now! Where has the time gone?! No seriously ..... where?! It's true what they say, they grow so fast.At one month old Donovan did a complete 360 from when he was a newborn. He's much more alert, ... Read the Post