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Donovan | Month Eleven

At eleven months I feel like your curiosity is on a whole other level. You love to get your hands on anything that's put in front of you and sometimes we have to act fast before you put it in your mouth. Why do babies like to put everything in their mouths?! It's so sweet to watch you standing on your own and trying to take a couple of steps. You're kind of lazy though and give up a too easily :) but I'm in no rush because I know ... Read the Post

Fall Bucket List

You guys it's in the 60s out in NYC and I couldn't be happier! Seriously, fall is my favorite time of year, and I have been loving the beautiful leaves changing, and the pumpkin spice everything! The fact that orange is one of my favorite colors and fall is all about orange tones, just puts me in a great mood to be honest. This fall has been a busy time for me because my son Donovan turns one on the first of November, so I have been on ... Read the Post