7 Spoken Phrases | Drake

Oh my baby bear, how big you are getting 🙁 He is so opinionated, and quick to speak his mind, he’s just growing up so quickly, man how time flies by. Here are some sweet phrases Drake like’s to say lately …..d

  1. “Yaya (that’s what he calls me) I am not a baby I’m a big boy!” | There is no calling this kid baby lately. He refuses to allow anyone to call him a baby and even if they do he will stop them mid sentence and tell them exactly like this.
  2. “I’m not cute, I’m Handsome! Cute is for girls and Handsome is for boys!” | Same goes for calling him cute, I better not call him cute or it’s on.
  3. “I’m not Drake, I’m a Bear!” | I spoke about this before ….. he thinks he’s a bear with this hat on.
  4. “Are we going to see my sisters today?!” | When we don’t have the girls on certain days he begins to miss them and always asks if he’s going to see them.
  5. “Chloe, Lola be quiet!” | Whenever someones in the hallway he makes sure to tell the dogs to be quiet because they bark too much and he hates the noise.
  6. “Dog’s don’t talk yaya, why you talk to them?” | Um, yea i talk to my dogs, they are my babies too and well Drake doesn’t really understand that, he thinks i’m crazy and tells me they don’t talk.
  7. “If I’m good boy can i get Rhenaes and Scarloey, and scruff and the bad guy. If i’m good boy?!” | This kid is addicted to anything Thomas the train. He asks daily if he can get them. Which i did because he was doing great in school, but now he keeps asking for other trains. Thomas the Train your making me broke!


  1. Kathy@Vodka and Soda says

    omg so awesome. i swear, the things that come out of their mouths is hilarious and so so blunt.

    when my daughter was 4, i took her to the bathroom with me in the mall and when we were in the stall, she yells out (and mind you, things ECHO in the bathroom) “MOMMY, YOU HAVE HAIR ON YOUR VAGINA! WHY DON’T I HAVE HAIR ON MY VAGINA???” OMG, i was mortified!

    Vodka and Soda

    • Liliana says

      lol! You just made me spit out my coffee laughing OMG, Your daughter takes the cake hahaha. My gosh the things kids say. They are just too blunt. I bet you didn’t want to come out of that stall after that lol.

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