Summer Beginnings

As a person who can’t stand the summer heat, I gotta be honest it hasn’t been that awful this year. Summer is winning me over so far and I am loving everyday of it. I have been really busy and have a lot of upcoming events so maybe that’s why, usually in the winter I have so much free time. Also the weather has been pretty nice lately in NYC it’s not as humid as usual and if it is it usually rains the next day which cools it down a lot.

The kids have been enjoying the summer. I have been keeping them busy by checking out some local spots in NYC and taking them to the park to burn off some energy. It beats them sitting at home on their tablets all day, so why not! Donovan has been really independent lately. He doesn’t want to hold anyone’s hand while walking outside which really gets me nervous, but he likes to walk on his own. He also discovered and loves soft serve ice-cream, I mean what kid doesn’t. He can eat a whole one all by himself! His hair is getting curly and wild which is due for a trim soon, but my husband doesn’t think we should do it yet. Is it true the baby hair gets thicker when it’s cut?

Drake is off from school and enjoying his free time for a bit before he starts his summer camp. I wanted him to have a busy summer as well. He’s been enjoying our little family outings and when we went to Long Island City for a walk he was so brave to go sit next to the rocks, I nearly had a heart attach out of fear of him going on the rocks and slipping but he just sat on the ledge to look at the water. Donovan on the other hand has been loving the park swings, he doesn’t like to get off it once he’s on. He loves getting swung really high too.

We took the kids the World Trade Center Observatory the other day. We got to go up to the Observatory deck and check out the 360 view of NYC. I haven’t gone there since I was a little girl with my mom. She once took me up to the roof of the twin towers where she once worked and I’ll never forget how windy it was up there because it wasn’t enclosed. This time going with my kids was a little bittersweet. It was such an emotional moment with the memorial and yet a fun experience seeing the city up high in a skyscraper with my kids, like my mom once did with us. If you’re ever in the city I recommend visiting it. Later this summer we will be going to Disney World with the kids, they are super excited about it. What are everyones summer plans? Are you going anywhere special?

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