A Year in Review | 2013

yir2013January | Thomas got accepted into the FDNY Academy, one of the hardest goals to finish for the new year.

February | Drake started preschool at a young age. I thought it was going to be hard, he cried a little which is normal but eventually he got the hang of it. He loved working on arts & crafts.

March | The month we finally found a venue for our wedding. We are in love with it.

April | I finally figured out how to make cake pops and love making them.

May | Thomas graduated from the FDNY and become a fireman. Truly a happy time, such a great accomplishment.

June | We first got introduced to Alex & Ani and we said farewell to our great friend Alysha who moved to Virginia after her wedding.

July | We started eating organic and when we needed something sweet to eat we discovered cookie butter! Boy where was i all this time, this thing is great!

August | We went to Sesame Place for the first time with the kids and they loved it, apparently Thomas enjoyed it more 🙂 lol.

September | Drake got his first official hair cut at a barber shop.

October | Halloween fun, obviously.

November | The month Drake only wanted to be called “Bear”.

December | Lots of family time and going up to Ohio after 4 years to see my cousin graduate college!

What a blessed year it’s been, I am looking forward to a great year to come god willing and many more blessed memories.


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