Alex & Ani Obsession

First of all, Happy Mid-August everyone! Wow summer is flying by. My summer has been great so far, mostly spending it with family and friends and enjoying it. But it honestly has flew by to me. In a way, even though there are so many heat waves in NYC and i am doing little activities here and there, i don’t feel like its summer time. Does that make sense? Maybe because i’m not my crazy self anymore partying 24/7 like i use to haha.

Anyhoots! I also have gotten into this new addiction called Alex and Ani. Has anyone heard of it? It is becoming big here lately in NYC and I love them!

I heard a friend of mine mention it before and i was like “oh yea? really? cool!”, without really knowing how actually great they are because i didn’t see them in person.

Today's arm candy! Nice and clean. Love my bangles. #positive #alexandaniAlex & Ani Day!Alex & Ani Day!Alex & Ani Day!Alex & Ani Day!So one day my friend Rachel came into work with a few on, and of course i fell in love with them, they look like these awesome bangles but with a charm on each one and you can stack them and mix them any way you’d like. Sort of like the Pandora bracelets but instead 1. they are cheaper, 2. you add bangles with charms not just charms to one bracelet, and 3. they are re-adjustable so the bangle will fit any arm.

We then came up with the idea to get one for a very dear friend of ours (the one with the pink pants to the left) who was leaving our work place because she was moving and we figured we each get a matching bangle as a friendship memory. So we all got the Friend charm.

It was a sweet experience for all of us to go in together and start off with a charm that has meaning to us and grow our collection while we were already in there. What i love most about these bangles are that they are so positive. Each charm gives some form of positive energy and meaning in life. You may be celebrating an accomplishment, or going through a struggle and just need a small message like “if it’s meant to be ….” It’s all a representation of yourself as a person. The concept is great. Its also really addicting.

So yes if you haven’t heard, you must check them out. xo

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