Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, as the Holidays are approaching and things are super busy and fast pace, sometimes you just need to take a moment and be thankful for everything you have. Even though i am thankful everyday, at this time of year it really comes to a surprise as to how blessed i truly am. I am thankful for a few things this year, in no particular order:

  1. For my health | That i can see, hear, walk, talk and overall enjoy life.
  2. My friends & family | I have the best family and friends that are so supportive.
  3. For Drake entering our lives and making it extra special.
  4. For my other best friend and my love who is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  5. Having a job with stable income.
  6. For having a car and not having to take NYC public transportation (cause that’s dreadful).
  7. For having my grandmother still around with us.
  8. For technology | Because we seriously live in the best generation of technology 🙂
  9. For Gel Manicures | Because seriously these bad boys last.
  10. My Dogs Chloe & Lola | Because no one will ever understand the love and friendship of a dog till they have / raise one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and eat a lot of yummy goodness!

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