How I Organize my Life!

organizedSome of you may not know this but i am a complete neat/organization freak. I like to have everything in it’s spot and everything planned out. That’s just how i am, although at times i can be a procrastinator i still like to stay organized. I seriously do not know how some people go about life with out agendas, or calendars to keep tack of their appointments, duties and everyday life. I mean hey if that’s your flow and it works great. I wish i can do the same. I think the reason i am the way i am is maybe because i can get overwhelmed very easily if i don’t have an order or method of keeping track of what needs to get done. I need something to look at and tell me, “OK whats next”. So here are three simple and basic tools i use to organize my everyday life:calendariCal | Oh the joy of iCal, i have a love hate relationship with this calendar. It definitely does it’s job but i wish it could share calendars better than the way google calendar does. I still love it though, it’s clean and sleek and it syncs with all my apple devices. This is the main reason why I use it. I use to love having a paper planner, but to be honest i cannot stand lugging around too many things and i felt like at times it annoyed me when i couldn’t bring it certain places with me to jot down a todo or event that pops into my head at the moment (like at the gym). So switching to just using iCal has made it much more easier for me to jot down any events and appointments and blog posts. Yes i even have my blog posts planned out on here, I use Evernote (below) to plan out ideas and posts which i will fill up the empty day slots with (purple highlight is for the blog) I mainly add the regular weekly series into my calendar (beauty, project life, loving, and weekly recap). I then look into my Evernote to fill those empty calendar slots and add them as i go. It’s great because i usually always have my iPad or my iPhone with me to see it and add and subtract what i want or don’t want or just want to re-arrange.

foldersrecipeEvernote | This is the best virtual notebook out there. Here i jot down all of my ideas, manage my bills, make todo lists for certain things like the wedding stuff for example, or i save all the recipes i find over the internet. This is awesome because it’s like my recipe box but its virtual and on any device, i can be at the supermarket and pick up the ingredients needed for that one recipe just by looking at my iPhone or even better i can be speaking to one of my vendors about a list of things i need done and boom i pop open my list which is all emailable (is that even a word) and linkable. Evernote makes it easy to pretty much keep all your notes in one place that syncs to all of your devices. No more carrying a heavy planner or idea notebook, it’s all jotted down in Evernote where it syncs to all of my devices. They also have handy tools to use with it like a notebook, scanner, and web browser link to clip whatever you want over the internet. Check it out.

reminderReminders (Apple) | I use the reminders app to throw in some quick todo’s when i am on the go (not the big ones that i have in Evernote like my wedding one). I have it categorized by regular todo for daily crap, work, wedding and i even have my christmas list on there you can even add shopping lists which is what my wedding list there is for, Things i have to buy for the wedding. This is easy to check things off fast. Evernote i use mostly for huge lists like: the master wedding todo list, my bucket list, things like that. It pretty much depends how big the list is. If it’s stuff that needs immediate attention in other words then i add it to reminders so it can alert me. This app also syncs with all my apple devices (see the pattern here).

I hope this helped. It has come in very handy for me when it comes to being on top of things to get done. i love the calendar for simple appointments and to see at a glance what is going on in my week, reminders for my important todo lists and the Evernote is just a great way to have a notebook instead of lugging one around. I am more into technology although i love my paper and stationary. Right now this is more practical for me.


  1. Ashley says

    i wish i could be as organized as you obviously are and i have never heard of evernote either. ill have to check all this out:) thanks for sharing!

  2. Kai says

    i cannot for the life of me use e-planners! my boyfriend says thats what phones are for, but i just cant! i love my paper planner and lists. i may have to check evernote out though!

    • Liliana says

      Oh I know some people prefer paper planners and I love me some stationary and great paper products but I just like how everything syncs between devices 🙂


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