Baby Essentials 0-3 Months Old

Going through my first three months with a newborn was a new challenge for me. Although I have helped raise Drake and he has taught me how to be a mother, I did not have him as an infant. He was a year old when he came to live with us. Having a newborn was a whole new beginning to me. I had to multitask as a mother of two but also still learn the ropes of having a new baby in the home, because I never experienced that before. When creating my registry I added a couple essentials I thought I would need (more on that at another time). Now that I am three months in, I have come accustom to using specific items daily and could not see myself without them. Here are a couple of my favorite baby essentials from the first 3 months of having Donovan. (I am not including the basic diapers, wipes, car seat etc. here, only other extra essentials that I love and want to share).featuredbabyessentials0to301. Tommee Tippee Bottles | I was hearing some gross mold issues with certain bottles but tommee tippee bottles are great. I love that they have a very wide mouth to clean inside and the nipples come apart for a more thorough cleaning. So mold is pretty much non existant in these bottles. They are also extremely helpful with their wide opening when I need to pour my breast milk from their pouches.

02. Comotomo Silicone Bottle | Another bottle I love! They help with nipple confusion when you are breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time. It has a very wide mouth and easy to clean. I love the soft silicone feel too, it’s a pretty cute bottle. Right now I believe they only have pink and green in available colors. I have the green one and I get so many compliments on it.

03. Aden + Anais Muslin Blankets | Now as mentioned above I used the scarf but at times I used these amazing over sized Muslin blankets, which are for swaddling but can have multiple uses. They are so breathable for nursing, and swaddling your baby will not get hot.

04. Skip Hop Wipes Case | This is my on the go diaper bag wipes case (I will do a video on soon). You easily slide open and pull wipes out this hard snap case. I like that I can clip it onto my stroller on the go.

05. Burts Bees Baby Multipurpose Ointment | I like to use Desitin but I wanted to mention another ointment I love and use which is the burts bees baby multipurpose ointment. First of all it smells delicious like lemon and it’s not so oily once rubbed in good which is great. It has coconut oil and beeswax and I also use it on dry skin areas. You can use it on face, body and diaper area and it’s safe on cloths.

06. Oxo Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser | This is my main wipe dispenser which is very simple but like always oxo is the best! You load your wipes and with one hand you can open and pull out one wipe at a time easily. The best and my wipes do not dry out.

07. NoseFrida | As gross as people may think about this nasal aspirator, it is the bomb! I was worried I would get snot in my mouth from sucking it up but seriously it would take crazy sucking power to get that bad boy accidentally in your mouth. It also has a filter to prevent that anyway. This helped me a lot when Donovan was sick with the RSV Virus and was extremely congested. It helped clear him up every time I used it with saline drops. It’s very easy to clean also.

08. Infantino Grow With Me Mat & Ball Pit | Now that Donovan likes to move more and tries to sit up, I have gotten him into more tummy time and playing on mats. This mat is the current one we are using and I love the colors. It also has contrasting colors so it’s more striking for babies eyes. I love that he can grow into it and it has a ball pit which you bring the sides of the mat up and he can play with the balls, while its all contained inside the mat.

09. Nursing Scarf | While I’m outside with Donovan, I don’t care, I just whip them out when he’s hungry. This is the current scarf I use, and I love it because it’s light weight and covers all over. Afterwards you can just use it as an infinity scarf when you’re not nursing so this was a great staple piece in the fall/winter time.

10. Cloud B On The Go Giraffe | This plush sound toy is helpful in getting Donovan to sleep, it has relaxing sounds like crickets, white noise, and soft jungle noises. Sometimes it even helps me relax with him at night haha, it’s also cute and you can strap it onto your stroller or car seat on the go.

11. Backpack Diaper Bag | Another fabulous must have and it’s cute too! My favorite is the JuJuBe bags, It’s so easy to just wear as a backpack and go with your baby and the JuJube are actually pretty diaper bags 🙂 so it’s a win win.

12. 4 moms Mammaroo | This things is amazing, every time I put the baby in it he is out. It really is a nice swing/swayer whatever you want to call it. The video on it pretty much explains it perfectly, it has a car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a by, and wave settings.

13. Zip Up Pajamas | Listen to me! Anything zip up, period. The last thing you need to deal with especially in the middle of the night are those annoying little buttons and making sure you have them on in the right sequence. Zip up is the easiest and fastest!

14. 4moms infant Tub | This tub is simple but great with the temperature readings. I love how it tells me when the temperature is just right or the water is getting too cold or hot. The clean water pours in while you can drain the dirty water in the process and your baby is always receiving clean water while bathing, not soaking in his used bath water. Its a decent size that fits over my kitchen sink and I love it.

15. Sophie The Giraffe Teether | I get the hype, she’s soft, long limbs to bite, she squeaks, plus she’s so cute and Donovan loves her.

These are just some of my favorites. Do you love an item that you couldn’t live without your first few months with your baby? If so please share, I’m for discovering new baby items to make my life easier.


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