Baby Items You Don’t Need to Buy

Baby Items you Don’t need to Buy

Baby shopping can be really overwhelming these days, there are so many different things on the market that it can be intimidating and confusing. When I first got pregnant I was on the lookout for the best stuff, sometimes spending more than I really needed too. Some items I received I may have used it once or not at all. Some items did not work as I thought they would. So I put together a list of baby items you don’t need.

Weeblock | it’s kind of weird and funny at the same time, but I got a kick out of seeing this and figured why not! What a waste. I used it once and never again. It works but there’s really no point. You pretty much have a 50:50 chance of getting peed on while changing the baby and when you’re trying to change a screaming or squirming baby you can give two beeps about a wee-wee blocker lol. Also, It’s easier than having to wash them after every use. So what I did instead was, make sure to have a clean diaper under the dirty one layered and flatten out so that when I clean the baby and remove the dirty diaper, I can just cover it up pretty fast.

Bassinet | It’s an extra piece that your baby will grow out of quickly. Especially if you’re breastfeeding this thing is useless, you’re better off getting a co-sleeper for the night to help make breastfeeding easier and keep baby close. You’re better off investing in a good crib with a very comfortable mattress.

Changing Table | I won’t lie, I wanted one really badly, I thought they looked nice and I wanted my nursery complete. To be honest though, the first few months with your baby will most likely be spent in your room. I found it quicker to change baby anywhere, on my bed, on the couch and with changing foldout pads, there’s really no need for a big piece of furniture that can cost a lot as well. It’s up to you, it is nice to have but not a necessity.

Baby Bullet/Food Processor | I mean you can just use a regular food processor that you have in your kitchen already, no need to buy another kind.

Diaper Disposal System | I mean, just throw it in a plastic doggy bag and toss it in the garbage. No need to pile up diapers in a pail that you will need to later take out and who knows what it will be smelling like. No thank you, throw it in the garbage and take out trash daily.

High Chair | Although you do need one for a baby they can be expensive so Instead maybe get a space saving highchair or a hook on booster for your table, which is what I use and love.

Expensive Bedding Sets | Baby bedding is so beautiful yet they can be super expensive! I won’t lie I received one as a gift and if you get one that’s okay but you don’t really need it. Now a days they recommend no bumpers which most bedding sets include and you don’t really use the comforter it comes with to cover the baby so it can be a waste. If you’re going to get bedding buy separate pieces like crib sheets and blankets that go beautifully together, and just buy a nice mobile that ties it all in. Instead of dropping over $200.00 on baby bedding sets.

What baby items did you find yourself not using or enjoying much?



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