Best Cupcakes of NYC

I know i am dieting and you must be thinking, wait what? Cupcakes? Well yes, I love baked goods and this past year i have really been into cupcakes. Which is the main cause of my weight gain. It all started with one local bakeshop in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Cupcakes. They are the ones who really got me into cupcakes in general. This bakeshop is filled with the most delicious original flavored cupcakes in NYC. I mean you cannot get enough of them, so after that i started trying different cupcake spots and well who knew there were so many?! So here is a list of my favorite cupcake spots in NYC so far that i’ve been too. If you ever come to visit NY or live in the area check them out. bk

  1. Brooklyn Cupcake: This is my favorite spot it is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is a family owned business. They have my favorite cupcake which is called coquito (it’s Puerto Rican eggnog) delicious. They are more Latin flavored desserts with flavors like dulce de leche, coquito, flan de queso (flan), guava, tres leche and many more but they also carry regulars like red velvet, vanilla, Oreo, vanilla raspberry and they are all really good. Image Via.bkcupcake
  2. Cupcake Land: Another favorite, this is a small shop located also in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have delicious original flavored cupcakes. My favorite is the Banana Nutella. It’s seriously so good with flavors like Peanut Butter which is not over bearing believe it or not, salted caramel, s’mores, pistachio, as well as the regulars. Very light, fluffy and delicious. Don’t believe me check this guys post out. Images Via here and
  3. Molly’s Cupcakes: Molly’s is one of the well known cupcakes in the city. They are a small coffee/cupcake spot with great flavored cupcakes. They have unusually great flavors like mixed berries (with fruit on top) or Kahlua, cookie monster, boston cream, peach cobbler, cranberry orange mmmmm, you get the idea, with of course your regulars like red velvet, vanilla etc. I love the atmosphere of this place it reminds me of a quirky starbucks except it’s for cupcakes. Image
  4. George Town Cupcake: This place isn’t only in NYC they are also in D.C., L.A., Atlanta, Boston and i am sure they will be expanding more. I heard about them from their TLC TV show D.C. Cupcakes, so of course i had to go check them out once they opened a store in Soho! Hummm what can i say about this place besides their cupcakes are so yummy! The place is fab, amd everything is beautifully packaged and taste delicious. They are light fluffy and they also have great original flavors. My favorite flavors is the coconut, apple cinnamon and Strawberry Champagne. Image Via.dc
  5. Sprinkles Cupcakes | Another well known place in NYC for their cupcakes. They have beautiful packaging and presentation as well as a beautiful bakery. Their cupcakes are also so light and not over powering sweet. They have great flavors as well but my favorite was their vanilla peppermint and photo-1

I’m sure you’ve seen random images of my boxes of goodies on my blog, because i am always raving about them. In general there are a lot of bakeries in NY and of course a lot of them specialize in cupcakes but these are by far my favorite in the exact order too. So if you are ever in the NYC area or have Georgetown and Sprinkles in your hometown, check them out. OK, well now off to the gym.


    • Liliana says

      Yes, i love how there are so many different and original flavors to try and their neater than a plate of cake to eat 🙂 well not that neat but easier 🙂

  1. Kai says

    Oh my goodness! My sweet tooth is going crazy right now, lol. We have a few sprinkles here in the Phoenix area too. Theres a place called “mind over batter” that make delicious cupcakes that my friends got me for my birthday one year. SO GOOD!

  2. Eleanor says

    I love cupcakes too, and there are so many cupcake shops!! My favorites are Billy’s Cupcakes, Robicelli’s, Two Bites (Queens), and Cupcakes in Heels (Queens… but sadly the store front closed, they still take batch orders though).

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