The Weekly | Birthday & Massachusetts

TINK * TINK * Hey guys! I know i have been major M.I.A. what can i say it’s been a pretty busy week.  I haven’t had time to blog to be honest and I was busy partying it up and living the life for a little bit. lol Not really, although i have been partying I have also been a little distracted lately. I had a stressful week worrying about something and in the end it ended up okay. I don’t think it’s something I should really share here but I am better and can pretty much focus on other things right now. So that being said here is what my past week looked like.

I got to meet Thomas’s old co-workers back when he was an EMT  and we had a nice night drinking and dancing. Really sweet people and i drank a lot of apple martinis.

drinksMy lovie and I.We also went to Juliana’s 1st birthday which was all Mickey Moused out. Drake got to meet goofy and was super excited and in awe, he literally just stood there and stared at him. He also enjoyed his balloon animals and sword fighting with Elijah.Drake in awe over goofy. #goofyIMG_7537Drake & Elijah going at it.Just some random moments. Chloe and Lola looking out the window on a cold winter day, they like to sit on the window ledge like cats and look outside. Then Thomas + I went shopping. I found these cool coke bottles which i rarely see out here then we went to Pier 1 Imports and boy was i in heaven, I fell in love with the wine glasses that had a cracked/crushed look to them.chloelolacokeglassmomWe celebrated my mom’s birthday, Brothers & Thomas (same day) my birthday and my dads. We are all from the 21st-28th of January. We have also been enjoying some freezing weather which i am sure a lot of you may be experiencing as well. My friend Leslie and I went out for lunch one day to go get McDonalds and I almost freezed my ass as well as almost busted my ass about 5 times walking with Uggs. Did you know uggs suck in the snow? They are super slippery.Leslie & I trooping it in the snow for lunch lol! @tainaraiza I almost fell 4 or 5 times lol #snow #nycsnow #snowdayEven though we had crazy weather we decided to go out to Massachusetts to visit Thomas’s friends. I was laughing when i saw this stop sign blinking, I have never seen a stop sign like this. We also went out to eat and drink 🙂 lots of lounge drinking 🙂 Thomas ended up hugging the toilet bowl, I on the other hand was a trooper lol.stoplightThe love if my life! #blessed #soulmate #fiance #lilianaandthomasHappy Birthday Macho!When i got back from Mass. It was my Birthday! Oh yea and Rachel my twin also 🙂 Our friends/co-workers threw us a birthday lunch with good spanish food and cupcakes! So yes, my diet was pretty shot this week, not to leave out that i actually ended up gaining the weight i loss 🙁 but it’s okay I am back to business.twinsBirthday dinner time!Later in the day Thomas took me out to eat at this fancy pansy restaurant around 23rd and 5th ave in manhattan and we got served gerbil food lol. No just kidding it honestly was delicious, but poor Thomas was still hungry right after. It was one of those restaurants where you go get serves a dime size amount of food and have a heart attach when you see your bill and still feel hungry. lol that is not the way Thomas likes to eat, I on the other hand got full with all the courses. We then went to Alex & Ani and I got four more new charms :). All in all it was a great week. Now back to share more goodies soon, 🙂 Hope everyone had an awesome past few weeks.


  1. That red lipstick is beautiful on you! I love all your pictures. So my sister and I have the same birthday, May 23, but several years apart. It’s crazy you all have birthdays in the same week!

    • Bold lipstick has been my thing lately i love it a lot.

      Wow same day! lol How odd is that but cool in a way for your parents because they knock both birthdays out at once. Yea it’s crazy in my house in December due to the holidays and January due to everyone’s birthday. The only one that doesn’t have a January birthday is my sister her’s is in July lol.

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