Christmas Photos

c5c3 c4After all of these photos you know what’s the sad part, i didn’t take any of myself 🙁 really? Wow. Well here was my Christmas ….. I baked cake pops which came out great and spent lots of time with friends and family. Drake got tons of Thomas the Train stuff, it’s insane now that i see it all in person.c1c0Drake threw a disgusting tantrum that i wanted to take all his toys and throw them out the window, all because he didn’t want to say sorry for something he said that was unacceptable. Which honestly I would of let him sly if he wasn’t making such a habit of it lately, but enough is enough i had to nip it quick before he thinks he can walk all over us. I think a big part of his behavior is cause lately he has been sick and he was just cranky since christmas eve. We were out all night at friends homes and parties and got home at 2:00 a.m. so i am sure he wasn’t in a great mood because he was tired. His normal bed time is 8:00 pm so yea. Plus the fact that he woke up at almost 11:00 am on christmas day which isn’t normal for him, he’s usually up at 7:00. So yes i am sure that was a big factor in why he was misbehaving. It’s so hard to be stern with kids during the holidays, you feel kind of guilty having to discipline them. I just didn’t want him to think it was okay to say “no” or “be quiet” to an adult. So yes, like i said he is so terrible 3, forget terrible 2’s.c2c6Anyway he fell out after the tantrum :). Then i just had some fun with chloe 🙂 we are so bad.c7All in all it was a great Christmas though. I got my cute Uggs from Thomas that i wanted. They are sparkly, especially at night when i am outside and the dim lighting, i didn’t think they would sparkle like that it’s pretty cool. I guess it should if it’s Swarovski. I hope everyone had a sweet Christmas, till 2014!


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