Delilah | Month One.

I can’t believe it’s already been one month since I had Delilah. Time slow down! She is such a good baby, she is a little tougher than Donovan was but overall I can’t complain. She took well to breastfeeding, latched on like a pro and although I feel like she doesn’t eat enough, she is gaining weight the way she should be, so I guess I’m just too use to Donovan’s over – drinking my breastmilk (if thats even a thing). Donny was a plumpy baby due to all the milk he drank. Delilah on the other hand will drink until she’s full enough then stops. Which makes her wake up more often every hour on the hour and I’m trying to adjust to this. Donovan just drank till he was super full and sleep for a good two hours at-least. It’s funny how every baby is different.

At one month you are:

  • Smiling more often 🙂 which melts my heart every time you do it!
  • Sleeping a little bit longer through the night, maybe an hour extra than before.
  • You love to be held, body heat is your favorite!
  • Always sleep super long in your carseat.
  • Not too fond of the bobo (binky/pacifier).
  • You do not like to nap. The shirt says it all  and pretty much sums up this month. I’m thinking of looking into Taking Cara Babies to get some tips for a sleeping routine for her. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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