Donovan | Month Twelve

img_0995One year since you blessed me my sweet Donovan, and every day you seem to amaze me more with your happy attitude. You are honestly one of the best things that has happened to me and learning your personality brings joy to my heart. You are now walking without much help from anyone, you walk all around the house and love to get into things. You’re 28lbs and 30.5 inches long, sometimes I feel so out of breath carrying you! You love to ask for food everytime someone is eating and are not picky eating! You love to make noise and scream all of a sudden, it’s kind of crazy because you went from being such a calm and quiet newborn to a loud wanting attention 1 year old lol its like literally night to day.

Some new things you do lately are tantrums when you’re hungry/tired or even being alone for a second in your playpen, you don’t like diaper changes you try to squirm out of them. You like to go through the recycling bin and take out the glass bottles, it’s like you’re the little raccoon in our home. I’ve learned I gotta put things on higher shelves and remove glass laying around because you are just curious and exploring even more now that you’re walking, so my coffee table decor has to be put to a halt. It’s a wonderful stage you are in although tough, it’s amazing seeing you learn and explore new things and the thing I find the cutest is when you have something in your hand that you aren’t supposed to have and you walk really fast trying to get away from us taking it from you. The cutest! I’m glad I got to document your monthly milestones, It’s sad this is the last one in the 1st year monthly series, but definitely not the last in general. I love you my sweet baby bear!

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