Donovan Hospitalized

bedIt was my worst nightmare last week, Donovan caught the RSV virus. I have never heard about it before and just figured it was a little cold when I heard him coughing and sneezing, until I heard him congested and wheezing.

Last Saturday I had his 2 month check up and he was suppose to get vaccinated so I figured the doctor will tell me that he had a slight cold and send me on my way, boy was I WRONG! The doctor noticed he was breathing very heavy just by looking at his stomach and suggested I take him into emergency room. So off to LIJ I went with him with my mom accompanying me.daddrhinoYou guys I stood in the hospital with him morning, noon and night for a week. He started breathing even heavier and getting fever. Apparently this virus hits babies really hard. Let’s just say I was a mess crying all the time and praying that he would get better. The doctors warned me it would be the worst three days for him because apparently it starts off looking like a slight cold and then they get hit hard for three days straight, having difficulty breathing and sure enough ….. he was right.IMG_4884
goinghomeAnyway I am glad to report he is doing great now and is such a happy baby like nothing ever happened. I even got to stockpile on breastmilk since he wasn’t allowed to eat for five days, so I just pumped away and left home with a bag halfway full of breastmilk.milkIf you have a little one and it’s winter time please watch out for this virus, apparently it is spreading like wild fire this season, the doctors say it’s the worst they’ve ever seen it and it’s very contagious. Well, Have a happy weekend everyone!


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