Donovan | Month Eight

donovaneightmonthsMy sweet little boy you’ve been super active lately, I have been trying to keep up with you. I can’t believe eight months have come and gone and you’re already babbling away, standing up, and semi crawling. At eight months you like eating solid foods regularly, and boy do you love it. You love food much more than breast milk (which breaks my heart), and you’re growing teeth pretty quickly, you have four bottom teeth already and more apparently are coming out because you keep fussing with your gums and biting me, poor little guy.

At the moment you currently wear size 12-18 months, everyone that sees you still can’t believe how long you are and they love your chubby legs to the max. You discovered how ice cream taste and have the funniest expression when you eat it and love to nibble on the teether wafers.

You discovered how to stand in your crib, which sadly we had to lower because we don’t want you toppling over and you love to crawl on the bed but not on the floor, weird. Hopefully soon you will be crawling on the floor. I’m enjoying these little milestones so much, every little thing you do fascinates me and melts my heart. You are such a sweet little boy. You made daddy’s day this month by calling him dada ….. although I think part of it is you babbling but I’ll let daddy win this time!

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