Donovan | Month Eleven

donovanelevenmonthsAt eleven months I feel like your curiosity is on a whole other level. You love to get your hands on anything that’s put in front of you and sometimes we have to act fast before you put it in your mouth. Why do babies like to put everything in their mouths?! It’s so sweet to watch you standing on your own and trying to take a couple of steps. You’re kind of lazy though and give up a too easily 🙂 but I’m in no rush because I know eventually I will have to be chasing after you lol.

You currently wear 12-18 months in clothing. You have 7 teeth and are loving solid foods more. If you see mommy and daddy eating something you are always reaching to have some. You stopped breast milk for good, which made me a little sad, I guess I thought It would have lasted a little longer, but you seem to want the bottle more.

You already know how to say mama and dada clearly, you love facetime, and you do not like to stay in the playpen.

You went pumpkin picking for the first time, you looked absolutely adorable trying to grab the pumpkins, we ended up getting you a tiny one to hold which of course you tried to put in your mouth :). You celebrated your first Halloween this year, you were Dumbo the Elephant, which everyone went crazy over when they saw you in the costume. Such a classic costume, It looked so cute on you!

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