Donovan | Month Five

donovan5monthsFive Months Old was such a happy month for you. You continued to surprise me with all your sweet smiles. You started learning to sit up which got me a little nervous leaving you by yourself, but you seemed to always stay out of trouble.

Dad loves tickling you in your ribs doing belly bubbles, and you laugh away in glee every time. It’s the cutest sound hearing you suck in air in delight and letting out a scream when you can’t take the tickles any longer!

You’re 23lbs! People say it’s insane, I say it’s the best cause I have all the rolls available to bite! As long as the doctor says it’s okay, I’m fine.

Your clothing size is 6-9 months at the moment and I feel like you are growing out of those soon too. It’s kind of crazy how quickly you are growing out of your clothing, sometimes I feel like I don’t get to put all the cute outfits you’ve received.

Other than that, everyday you begin to look a lot more like me than your father 🙂 the genes are fabulous on my side, welcome to the club, I knew I was going to win this one!

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