Donovan | Month Four

Oh my sweet Donovan, at four months you were simply beginning to do amazing things. I feel like this is the month you have grown to show your personality. Your constant giggles melt my heart and your growing strength always amazes me daily. At four months you are quite the happy baby. I rarely hear you cry (of course only if you’re hungry, then you mean business) other than that you are always smiling and giggling with anyone for anything.

You weighed 20-23lbs and are still going strong with the breastfeeding. A lot of people are always asking what on earth I feed you because you’re a strong solid boy. I guess it’s true what they say about breastmilk, it plumps you up. Although you are chubby it doesn’t stop you from turning over, lifting your head and upper body when you want to sit up and you are currently pulling yourself to stand up. I think that’s what I enjoy most is seeing you hit all these little milestones and surprising me every day on how strong you are. You’re are teething so much that you drool a ridiculous amount and I still refuse to put a bib on you, so we are constantly changing your clothes. I just love to see you in your cute outfits so I keep the bib off.

Grandma has you sitting in a walker, she  is making you grow up too fast I feel but she says you need it. You seem to love it because you like to sit in it and play with the toys and push yourself around from time to time.

You are currently wearing size 6-9 months clothing, you’re very lucky because you have a ton of clothing in that size and you seem to be holding on well to that size and not growing out of it just yet, lets hope you stay there for a bit so you can wear all of your cute outfits that were given to you. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to catch up and make sure you wear all the clothing you received but you are growing out of them so fast!

You also love to scratch your face so I am always having to clip those tiny nails. I accidentally nipped you while clipping them one day and I almost had a heart attach, I felt so bad! So now I am extra careful! I love that you are looking more and more like me each day 🙂 and not daddy anymore haha, I just know you’ll look like me even though everyone said you looked like daddy at the beginning!

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