Donovan | Month Nine

donovanmonthnineAt month nine you are such a curious little boy, you are into touching everything and unfortunately I now have to start baby proofing the house. I love seeing you look around the home curious touching everything though, even when i try to trick you in hiding the items, you know exactly where it is and will fight till you get it back. Pretty funny actually how smart you are. Right now you are really into playing with the xbox remote. You love how the button lights up. I sometimes have to trick you by taking out the batteries but you get uninterested once i do that and go grab the next available remote. Again a pretty smart kid!

At this age you went to Puerto Rico for the first time and got on your first plane ride. Unfortunately it was for a sad moment of the passing of your grandfather, but you still got to experience playing in the pool on down times, and visiting family. You loved the pool, not once did you cry and you loved to splash away.

You now have four little teeth and your upper teeth seem to be coming in as well. You love to eat solid food, if you see anyone eating around you, you look at us and say mmmmm, meaning you want some of what we’re eating.

Your hair seems to have gotten longer and you are crawling all over the place. At the beginning you were kind of lazy but now you can crawl all day.

You’re still wearing 12-18 months which is good because that means you are getting longer but not heavier.

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