Donovan | Month One

Donovan Month One, I can’t believe it! Month one has ended, and now he’s two months old! What a crazy difference from the newborn phase. Its crazy how the month flew by, one minute you are a newborn and the next thing I know he’s two months old now! Where has the time gone?! No seriously ….. where?! It’s true what they say, they grow so fast.At one month old Donovan did a complete 360 from when he was a newborn. He’s much more alert, he lifts his head constantly during tummy time, he make lots of baby noise and he even started recognizing his surroundings. I love how one minute he gives me the meanest look with his eyebrows and the next second he’s smiling showing those baby gums. Love it! As a newborn he slept great, and although he still does at times, he is getting up or becoming fussing more often in the night than what he did as a newborn. Not sure why, maybe gas? Oh! let me not even get started with the gas! Kid throws mean farts like it’s no body’s business. It’s kind of crazy sometimes how he surprises Thomas and I that we crack up laughing because it sounds like an adult is in the room.12366282_10153660424057368_7656513629164660532_n

He loves being held more and refuses to lay on his back. Which is becoming an issue trying to get him to sleep in his crib. He much rather stay with mom and dad on their temperpedic gel mattress. We need to get this under control, but I love having him close at the same time 🙂 let’s be honest sometimes you don’t want to get up to go to the crib if he’s crying every hour or two, it’s easier just to have him close by.

He also went through a huge growth spurt. I mean he’s already weighing 12lbs and 23 inches long. The doctor says it’s completely normal to grow this way and I am definitely feeling the weight carrying him around. I love those chubby cheeks though. Who doesn’t love baby rolls galore!

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