Donovan | Month Seven

donovansevenmonthsThis month has been a whirlwind of fun. You crawl although it’s mainly on the bed, if I put you on the floor you cry your head off, I think you don’t like the hard floor.

You just started growing teeth, you have two poking out and it’s the cutest thing! At this stage you are always laughing and for some reason you are so attracted to the iPhone. Of course we don’t give it to you but I guess the bright light attracts your attention and it seems like the only item you cry for if we don’t give you it.

I love how observant you are and how you love to laugh and play with Drake whenever he plays with you. You giggle your heart away and sometimes you just like to be next to him and have his attention.

Your teething is intense lately, you like to bite anything next to you, and you are fully using those teether’s now. You love your Sophie and you like to nibble on the teething crackers although I’m still a little nervous giving them to you still.

You are eating solid foods more often now, it’s so cute to watch you eat with a spoon. It’s like you enjoy every bite. Sometimes when the food is done you cry your little eyes out, but eventually you stop.

As for clothing you are growing out of your 9 months clothing so quick I want to cry, soon you will be in 12 months and I don’t understand why you keep growing big lol although I’m happy you’re healthy, I just want you to stay small a little longer.

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