Donovan | Month Six

donovan6monthsOh my sweet Donovan. I cannot believe half a year has flown by. Every day I look at you and I realize how blessed I am to have you, you are the sweetest, calmest baby and rarely cry. Everyone that knows you are always complimenting saying what a “good” baby I have or how “lucky” I am that I have such a calm and happy baby. I can’t lie, It’s true! I am very lucky to have you and thank god daily for giving me such a handsome sweet baby boy.

At six months you are wearing size 9-18 months clothing. It’s crazy how long you are and you’re weighing already 24 lbs.

You started eating baby food, which I was extremely nervous about to be honest because I didn’t want to over feed you! I mean you drink breastmilk a lot and I wanted to make sure it was okay, so once the doctor gave me the go (and Helen bought your first round of plums) I fed you the baby food. A lot of people actually think I started late, some start their kids as early as 4 months! You loved the baby food though! You ate it up fast and get upset when I stop feeding you it. You make the cutest sucking noises with your lips while eating too, like you are tasting each bite.

You finally sit up now and hold yourself up pretty well! Mom even started you on the walker which I wasn’t happy about! I was so against it, but she proved me wrong because you are moving a lot up and down the hall at grandmas and sitting when you get a little tired. It’s the cutest thing because sometime you bump into the walls. Let’s hope soon you will be crawling since you love to move around so much, can’t wait to see those new milestones.

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