Donovan | Month Ten

donovanmonthtenIt hit me that in two months you will be one years old. How does the time go so fast. You are such a blessing and have really given me an interesting month. This month you are beyond curious, i feel like you act like a toddler already. You are grabbing everything you can get your hands on and putting it in your mouth. You officially have mastered crawling and almost walking. You will walk holding on to everything near you, everyone says you will be walking by next month and I believe it.

You’re 26 lbs and still wear 12-18 months although I feel like you’re more 18 months. You look slimmer but still heavy. You love to eat. You will become a true foodie I’m sure in the future like your parents. Your attitude has changed a bit, I feel like your true scorpio sign is shining through. You do not like the word no and when you want something you must have it or you will begin a full fledge tantrum, its kind of cute though, I love to see you pucker your lip and those puppy eyes get watery. Which is why you’re crying in this picture. You weren’t in the mood for photos but I took it anyway because I feel like this photo truly captures how you have been this month. You’re much more fussier but i believe it’s because of your teeth coming in.

You love to play with weird things like boxes and cords. Any cord you see, you will hold in your hand and just wave it around. It entertains you for a pretty long time which makes me laugh but of course I watch you because cords are dangerous! 🙂 It’s just so cute to see you play with it. I can give you any other toy but you just toss it to the side and go for any cord you see in visible site. So that’s why now I officially had to baby proof the whole house. Hide cords, cover outlets, and put non breakable or easily edible items in arms reach of you. It’s a learning process as I see you grow and things interest you more, but I also want you to learn not to touch ….. so I’m working on that ;).

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