Donovan | Month Three

My sweet Donovan, at three months you are weighing at 18 lbs! You’re the cutest butterball I know. Sometimes I can’t believe how quick you are growing. You laugh all the time now and smile when you see a face in front of you. You are such a good baby, you still only cry when you are hungry or need a changing. You baby talk all the time and are teething tremendously, but you don’t cry about it, you just drool and smile.IMG_5063Everyone is always saying “you look just like daddy” or “you look like your mom” but 95% say you look like your dad, so he won again! I guess it’s OK because you’ll be just as handsome as your father when you grow up. You wear a size 6 months already, I had to get rid of all your 3 month clothing and you are squeezing by because they are beginning to fit a bit snug. You hold your head up by yourself now and love to look around when you are sitting up, you refuse to be laying down. You also know how to hold your own bottle which you learned from a dear friend (Damaris). You always surprise me and I am loving every minute of it.

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