Drake is Four!

Yesterday, just like that, he turned four. These past three years, I’ve learned so much about being a “mom”. I didn’t know how hard it would be, how much time and effort, and I especially didn’t know the love I would feel for him. Three years, just like that. A blink of an eye. I completely understand what mother’s feel, I understand what they mean when they say “they grow so fast”, because they really do. He’s four years old and so so smart!


For those who don’t know (and i really never shared the full story), Drake is my second cousin. He came into my life at a time when he needed us, and I won’t go into details out of respect for his mother, but he had just turned one and was going to be staying with us for a bit. I won’t lie at first I wasn’t sure about sharing such a huge responsibility with my mother. I mean my mom already raised her kids who were all adults and I was just shy of one year together with Thomas, so I wasn’t ready for what was to come of taking care of a child. I felt like, I don’t have kids and i get to come and go as I please and now I have to help my mom with a little baby?! At first it was just temporary for a few months, but eventually he stood with us and I fell in love with him everyday. He was the most happiest, sweetest baby. As he grew he threw so many challenges our way, and we learned to deal with it and now he is such a big part of our lives, that i could never see my life without him. Crazy how kids bring so much joy into someone’s life when they least expect it. Now I feel like he is my own and I treat him no different than I would treat my own kids.


Drake currently at 4:

  • Still is obsessed with Thomas the Train.
  • Currently trying to improve his lazy eye.
  • Understands he has three Mommies.
  • Loves playing with his sisters whenever he can (my step daughters).
  • Just started actually enjoying eating a hot dog with a Bun.
  • Will voice his opinion whether you want to hear it or not.
  • Enjoys Sopa’s (ramen noodle soup) like nobody’s business.
  • Loves cupcakes 🙂 really he just likes to eat the frosting.



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