Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter, I did that’s for sure. I got to spend some time with my family and friends and the kids really enjoyed themselves with little egg hunts at a friends house. This past week was an awesome one.

….. Drakes behavior is improving immensely. I am not even exaggerating, remember when I was talking about how he loved to test me and was having a lot of tantrums, well out of no where like a month before he turned four, it stopped! March came and I started seeing a huge improvement, he would ask for things nicely, if I told him no, he wouldn’t cry or whine and if I take him out places and he sees Thomas the Train and tell him no on buying him a toy he says Okay! Crazy right. All in one month, a complete 360.

He did swell with some bribing . #dentist

….. Drake visited the Dentist and I surly was worried how he would act, probably because his last check up was a disaster, but believe it or not he listened and smiled.

Titi Beth would not be happy she took it like a champ. #maltese #doginswing @l1lyluv

….. Chloe got her first swing ride lol, courtesy of the kids (and a little bit of me) lol.

My lovie made me dinner .

….. Thomas & I have been trying to eat right and lately he has been whipping up some good healthy dinners, Like turkey burgers and Arugala! Haha so gourmet!

My white boy and I. Running some errands today! I haven't had a rest day yet .Great night out with the family last night! So stole this from @fguz82

….. This week I got a second hair trial and I loved it! This is the lady! She did my hair exactly how I wanted it, the only bad thing was I had to wait 8 hours to get my hair done because there was sooooo many people in her salon and she’s the only hair stylist. Yea she’s that good!


….. I also got to see where I will be having my Bridal Shower and the place is beautiful! It’s in upper Manhattan at a place called La Marina, beautiful place.


….. lot’s of fun in the park with the kids now that the weather is getting better out. It’s still up and down but this week it has stood close to the late 40’s early 50’s

Easter Brunch with the family after church! @forlareal @l1lyluvIMG_8846IMG_8849IMG_8855IMG_8856

….. Our Easter was fun, except the part where my car got towed. I parked it at a grocery store right across the street from my church and apparently they decided to tow it on easter Sunday. I suppose it is my fault because it does say for grocery store only but i park it there all the time and never had an issue ….. until easter. I guess they chose that to be the day they tow everyone’s cars since the knew a lot of people would be showing up to church and hogging their parking. Oh well, you live and you learn right. lol After church we had brunch at this cool place in Williamsburg Brooklyn, they have such yummy food! Then we did a small easter egg hunt for the kids.



  1. he is too cute! i love these photos. looks like you guys had a great weekend and a great holiday!! 🙂 bummer about your car… ughhh that’s the worst 🙁

    we did brunch on easter, too. it was fun! thanks for sharing these photos 🙂


  2. Bahahaha… Chloe in the swing is just TOO damn cute! And Drake with his little eye patch… I wanna squeeze him!!! 😀
    You look FIERCE in that pink lipstick! LOVE IT!

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