Favorite Wooden Baby Accessories On Etsy

I have loved scouring the internet lately for some cute finds. Now that Donovan is 7 months and teething tremendously, I have been loving buying him unique toys to bite on. One of my favorite places to shop for Donovan & Drake is Etsy. 99% of the time you will find things on there that you will never see in carters, target or other main baby shops (which I’m sure a lot of you know that). So lately I was in need for some cute pacifier holders as well as teethers for Donovan, and I wanted something unique. While in search for the pacifier holders, I came across a bunch of other cute baby accessories! Seriously, this just makes me want to have lots of babies haha, because you know just how quickly they grow out of these things. It’s so bittersweet. What I love most about these items from Etsy is that they are more personal, and will create beautiful keepsakes to save for years to come. Here are some of my Favorite Wooden Baby Accessories On Etsy:Favorite Wooden Baby Accessories On Etsy

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