Fall Decor Favorites

Fall Decor Favorites I can't believe Fall is just around the corner! Fall is my favorite season and I've been loving a couple of new fall items that just hit the stores recently. I'm all for a natural look with pops of color. I also really love to transition my Halloween looks to a fall harvest look in a snap of a finger. This is why I stick to a lot of natural items like decorative leaves, garlands, and pumpkins 🎃 that I can easily incorporate Halloween decor into and then remove them when Halloween is over. These are a few of my favorite fall decor ... Read the Post

Losing Lola

Last night we lost Lola, she went peacefully in my arms. It's sad losing a pet, you never realize how much of a lost it is until you lose them. She was such a big part of our lives, for 14 years always happy, always loving and always by our side. She never showed us she wasnt feeling well, so it came a surprise to us when we found her breathing heavy one day. Chloe has always been the dog that always had complications with her health and always showed when she was sick, so it was a surprise when the vet told us Lola was sick and they wanted us to put her down. Its ... Read the Post

101 in 1001 Days!

So a long time ago (2014 to be exact) I did a 101 in 1001 days list and I actually got some stuff crossed off my list! If you want to know more info on this fun bucket list check out this site. Today I decided I wanted to do this same list of goals again! I love a good list of goals, and this one is just a group of all my bucket list items in one place pretty much. I realized sometimes just having a random bucket list isn't enough, they can be ignored cause they're all separate. This one you have 2.75 years to try to complete it. So here we go: Date ... Read the Post

Mendez Lately No.3

This past week we took a trip up to Ohio to see family and get a break away from the city. It was such a fresh break from the everyday life in NYC and of course it was extra special to hang out with family. I was kind of surprised how everyone was walking around without masks, I mean there were a few who had it on but a lot didn't. It's a huge difference coming from NY where if you see someone without a mask it's a shock. Needless to say I was kind of anxious about it at the same time. I'm just not use to seeing people without masks on so it kind of freaked me ... Read the Post

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Thomas is such an easy and very simple guy so when it comes to wanting things it's very rare. There isn't a lot that gets him excited besides cars and food 😂 so sometimes it's a little hard trying to figure out what to get him for holidays and special events. I combined a list of cool gift ideas for Father's Day that my husband would love or currently does own and raves about. My husband currently raves about this tool making it easy to carry around! It's like an advanced Swiss army knife! We used this Bose Speaker at my daughters birthday party ... Read the Post

Items to Declutter From Your Home Right Now!

Decluttering is something that I find essential to do in my home because with a family of 7 it can get cluttered really quickly. Especially with children's toys and clothing. So today I wanted to share 20 Items to Declutter from your home right now and places you can consider donating too! Paper / Receipts/Manuals One of the biggest clutters are paper! It can grow into huge piles if you don't tackle it right away, so your best option is to declutter any loose paperwork you have hanging around in your home. Now a days there are so many cool apps and printers ... Read the Post

Mendez Lately No. 2

Hey hey hey! Hope everyone is doing well, we have been keeping a low profile here at home and staying in as much as possible. We went out a couple of times but nothing crazy because Thomas had to go to work. We have been been trying to get the hang of having a blocked schedule and following it through. I felt all over the place trying to keep these kids organized and on task with their school work. It has been a little challenging but I think I finally got the hang of it. The block schedule really helps me stay on task at what we are suppose to be doing at ... Read the Post

Lovely Things : May

I have dived into a couple random interesting things this month that I'm excited to share. Watching: Omg guys so I watched Dead to Me and this is so good! Wait till you see what its truly about. Basic story, a lady lost her husband to a hit and run and meets this lady that pretty much turns her world upside down. It's great! I binge watched it in like three days! Right now there is two seasons on Netflix and I can't wait for season 3. Honestly the whole thing had me anxious but in a good way haha their friendship is one of kind that's for sure. I also saw The ... Read the Post

Flamingo Birthday Party Ideas

With summer approaching I thought of sharing a fun Flamingo theme party! Flamingos yell tropical and summer which I love and seriously though how sweet are these flamingo themed items! I love styling parties as well as designing them and these party Inspiration Boards are one of the ways I plan my events. So I will be creating a monthly series here sharing my party ideas and grabbing inspiration from all around the web to share and give you ideas. Flamingos are so feminine and colorful and what I love most about this theme is how you can dress it up or keep ... Read the Post