How I Organize My Diaper Bag

diaperbag1Hey guys, so today I wanted to show you how I organize my diaper bag. I have seen a lot of nice stylish Diaper Bags out there lately. Today though I wanted to share the current bag I am using with Donovan and how I keep it organized. I got this as a gift and I can’t lie, I love it! I was so against a diaper bag at the beginning. I wanted something stylish, but simple that I can match with my outfits or stroller (Yes I said Stroller, haha) and was having a hard time finding one that I loved. I didn’t want a Diaper bag that screamed ….. well, Diaper Bag! You know bold prints, baby colors. I wanted something that was hard to tell that it was a Diaper bag, plus something super functional. That’s why I love this one! I got the JuJuBe Bff Diaper Bag, and what I love about it is that it can be worn as a messenger or as a backpack, right now I love to wear it as a backpack. I won’t go into details on the bag because there are a lot of youtube videos out there explaining it’s features but I will share how I pack it for a day out with Donovan.

I got the JuJuBe Bff Diaper Bag Monarch, but now they have  this all black one which is pretty cool if you want to check it out:diaperbag2 I always make sure to carry with my basic essentials like Diapers, Wipes, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, and Bug Spray as well as a change of clothes, bib, toys, baby food and a pacifier. I also like to tag along my wallet, Keys and makeup bag of course, 🙂 because you must always be prepared! This is it all packed up! A lot fits in it and there’s still room for more!
diaperbag4The Bag itself is very roomy and opens up fully so you are able to see what’s inside easily. I love that it has light interior so nothing gets lost and is easily visible. There are a lot of compartments as well, which is a huge plus! The flap has an insert area to put photos which is nice, some moms put wipes or quick access documents there. Right now I just leave it blank. On the inside, My babies change of clothes are in the left side pocket. In there I pack a onesie, a t-shirt, pants, and socks. The Two back pockets that are side by side in front of you when you open the bag are where I like to store my Skip Hop Wipe case on the left (there is a zipper pocket above that pouch behind there which I have nothing inside, and on the right some of his teethers and toys in the zipper pocket on top and  the sanitizer and Bug Spray from Babyganics in the pouch below it. Then all the way on the right pocket I like to store the wipes for quick access and cleaning. The Circle pouch there on the right with the Gold Star is a paci pod. This is where I store his pacifiers for quick access and I also have a Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer for myself there. The Mickey Mouse Fob is from Fobs by Andrea, She makes some pretty amazing fobs!diaperbag3diaperbag8There are two side bottle pockets outside of the diaper bag to store bottles, I sometimes put baby food instead since I breastfeed. The Front pocket carries all my necessities, The top zipper pouch carries my cell phone which is lined with a soft fabric inside and the bottom big pouch is the “mommy pouch” which carries my wallet and keys. Since My makeup bag is kind of big I just add it inside the main pocket area with the baby stuff since there is still a lot of room left. I also throw the big sunscreen in there too.diaperbag10diaperbag9The back pocket slit is where my changing pad and my skip hop wet/dry bag is stored for those messy diaper or wet clothing days. So far this Diaper bag has been super functional for me. Although it looks small compared to other diaper bags out there, this bag works great for just Donovan and even Drake’s stuff when I need to pack extra clothes or snacks for him.diaperbag5Do you have a favorite Diaper Bag? What products do you like to use to throw in or organize your diaper bag? Please let me know, I am always in the mood to try out new things. xo Liliana

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