Thomas Donovan

It’s been months and I missed you blog world! A lot has happened these past few months and I got caught up all in the mix and lost track of my blog. I honestly don’t regret it though, I really got to focus on my life at the moment and what’s been going on. I got to absorb all the excitement and enjoy this new beginning! What new beginning you may ask? Well ….. I had a baby! Yes a little boy and I am absolutely in love! He was born on November 1st 2015 and weighed albs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. His name is ….. Thomas Donovan! He is named after his father, I wanted Donovan as his first name and Thomas of course wanted Thomas instead, plus it’s a big family name (there are like 7 Thomas’s from generation to generation), so we compromised and his name is Thomas but we shall call him by his middle name, Donovan :), it worked out because we didn’t want two Thomas’s being called in the same household. I fell into labor with him on Halloween literally when I went walking into my local Target my water broke lol right at the front door.

Sweet-Born-6As for my pregnancy, I went through it pretty okay. I just had crazy nausea at the beginning all the way till I was 7 months pregnant. It was a rough ride, sometimes I would projectile vomit right in the middle of the day while eating. I also went through the Gestational Diabetes which sucked. I was so upset when I found out I had it, I kind of expected it since Diabetes runs in my family, but I was still hoping I wouldn’t get it. I managed it with a controlled diet recommended to me by my physician Assistant, which worked out great! I lost so much weight (50 lbs to be exact) and now weigh 50lbs less than when I became pregnant. It’s kind of crazy how I was scared of getting heavier due to the pregnancy and I ended up losing so much weight instead. That and breastfeeding is helping a lot burning those calories.
Sweet-Born-14 Sweet-Born-22Fast fwd to now, I am adjusting to being a mommy to a newborn, and I’m loving the breastfeeding process and surprised at how easy it came to me when it was time to get him to latch. He latched quickly and I wasn’t afraid or confused, it’s true what they say, your mother instinct just kicks in and takes over and you just know what to do. I did end up having to get a c-section because Donovan didn’t want to come down, I was fully dilated and ready but he refused to go down, and of course I was scared and nervous. The pain after was horrible but I got through that first week of pain and after that I felt like myself again. I was a swollen mess and looked like a giant swollen blow fish from head to toe (literally my feet were like elephant feet) but the swelling went completely away after a week being home and that’s when I started dropping the weight like crazy.
Sweet-Born-24 Sweet-Born-25 Once home I got to get his newborn photos done by the very talented Jenn at Sweet Born photography, her work is amazing and I love how she captured Donovan at 9 days old. He was wide awake most of the photo session but I love how they came out.Sweet-Born

As for the girls and Drake they are enjoying being a big brother/sister and although I thought they (especially Drake) would be a little jealous with a new baby in the house, they are surprisingly very helpful and loving to Donovan. I love seeing Drake interact with another little boy too 🙂 it makes me feel relieved that he is adjusting well and so are the girls (my stepdaughters). It’s just a sweet moment right now and I’m enjoying this new ride 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend!


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