Life & Friends

One thing that i have learned in life, and that i feel is very important to me besides family is my friends. As you get older and your life changes my friends are the ones who have always stood by me. Sometimes you lose contact and don’t see each other much as you use to, because of whatever life throws at you but what i love is that when you do meet again it’s like you never lost touch. They are the most important people in my life. I love that we can talk about anything and i mean anything, make fun of each other, fight with each other then hug each other and get over it and no matter what we always have each other’s back. Life is so wonderful and i feel like you should always appreciate those around you, love them and just hug them a bit tighter. Because you never know about tomorrow.Aly

Alysha’s Bridal Shower 08/2012.


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