Life Lately | Ending of Summer

Im so happy fall is here! It’s my favorite time of the year. I know I’ve been missing in action lately, I really miss it around here too but life has been a little off lately. We lost my father in law and we were going through a difficult time in the summer. We finally got into our everyday routine again and I’m looking forward to posting more around here.

  1. I need to catch up on Donovan’s monthly series, more for me than for my readers, I wanted to have a monthly update on his growth and milestones. Lately he has been walking around but holding on to things ….. I can see him walking really soon!donovanstandingdonovanboxOh and he loves playing with boxes and cords, why do kids love to play with things they aren’t suppose to! haha.
  2. I am loving decorating the home for the fall. Starting on new projects and keeping busy helps keep our mind of things. So far I have been throwing in simple fall pieces so I can use straight through till christmas time. I don’t really have much Halloween decor, just fall pieces that work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  3. Now that Drake has started the first grade, I’m kind of nervous of what’s to come when it comes to his school work. This common core curriculum is getting more confusing that I pretty much have to sit on youtube and try to figure it out so I can go over it with him. I had to do it with my stepdaughters and now I know I’m really going to have to be more on top of it with Drake.drakeschool
  4. I got to see Marc Anthony in concert, it’s true what they say, he puts on a great show. I had an amazing time! It was for a our two year anniversary. I can’t believe two years already married.marcanthonyconcert
  5. This summer though was not what I had planned, but i guess that’s just what happens, things never turn out the way you plan. At the beginning it was pretty much running errands in and out of the hospital with my father in law and occasionally we would hit up Coney Island or local spots to get out the house.donovanconeyisland puertoricopoolWe ended up laying him to rest in Puerto Rico as he wanted with Thomas’s mom. We got to do some chilled pool time and eating out, but of course it didn’t feel like a chilled vacation of an sorts. Everything honestly was a blur this summer, My main focus was being there for my husband during that difficult time. So now that we are entering fall I’m looking forward to a fresh beginning and praying for peace and happiness the rest of this year.

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