Life Lately | Summer Beginnings

So summer is obviously here in NYC, I cannot even begin to explain the number of heat waves we got hit with this past week. I was never a summer person, yes i love the beaches and all that stuff but i really dislike the humidity and i become such a grouchy person if i feel like I’m sweating, so summer and me never have been best friends. You can give me fall or spring anytime over summer. If there is one thing i definitely love about the summer though (when the weather is more breezy than humid) is the fun get togethers and bbqs and just fun things to do that you normally can’t in the winter time. So here are a few snapshots of my life lately as the summer begins.

A lot of our time has been spent at the park with the kids, Drake is so attached now to the girls which is nice because i was worried about him being lonely with out kids to play with now that he is living with us, but he loves my step-girls so its a win-win, he has park buddies now and can’t wait to see them when they come to visit their dad.

On Friday night while it was steaming hot in NYC of course, we went out with Thomas’s cousin and girlfriend for dinner at a mexican restaurant, after throughout the night we went bar hopping and got margarita’s at San Locos and had wine at Brooklyn Winery where we got to hear nice live music. We eventually went to another bar and we played in the arcade section a game of air hockey, which Thomas made the peg fly up high that it hit my knuckles so hard i almost cried. Here is the bruise as proof! My whole finger was sore for the whole week.

Before the summer heat came the weather has been really strange. I got to see a double rainbow which was real nice, i haven’t seen one in so long! I think since i was little, and that was probably at Ohio. Drake has been real active and a real monkey lately, he just doesn’t sit still and also i have been playing with my accessories lately and trying to use them more often, because i have so many i seem to forget about using most of them. It’s crazy how much jewelry i collect over time.

Other fun things i have been loving about summer lately is the ability to go out and try new things, like i finally got to go to Georgetown Cupcakes! Although it wasn’t in DC i went to the one in Soho i still loved it. Especially their coconut cupcake & their attention to detail. I am such a sucker for cupcakes lol. The girls and i went to beer garden in Astoria for some drinks and food while THEY watched the basketball game (cause I’m not into sports much) and although i was sweating just sitting down i still enjoyed my night with my ladies. This heat is getting the best of people, even poor animals, Lola knows when to sneak into my room for some good ol’ AC and i am no longer straightening my hair anymore, since it cannot tolerate the heat, my brazilian straightening went to the garbage and now my curls are back into full affect lol. So yes that is my summer so far!

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