Favorite TV Shows

I am not a constant TV lover but that doesn’t mean i don’t like to see a good TV show or movie from time to time. I just won’t sit at my TV 24/7. Ever since i got Netflix though i have enjoyed a couple of shows a lot. Some that kept me watching till i finished the seasons, and yes i know some are old shows but like i said i don’t keep up with real time tv. So these are the shows I am loving lately, if you haven’t seen these shows, well check them out duh!


The Vampire Diaries | A Vampire and Human love story.

The Killing | A murder Mystery of a young girl who was well ….. killed.

Breaking Bad | A man diagnosed with Cancer decides to cook Meth in order to make money for his families bills and future before anything happens to him.

Orange is the New Black | Spoke about this before in another post, woman gets sent to prison for something she did in her past and is learning to deal with being there and everything that comes her way.

Sons of Anarchy | Motorcycle Gangs, lots of fighting, drama and goodness!

WEEDS | Mother of boys, her husband dies and she tries to make ends meet for their lavish lifestyle, so weed business it is!


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