L+T What We’re Up to Lately


Spending lots of time with my lovie lately. You never really realize how much you can love & enjoy someones company. So what have we been up to lately …..

  • Watching tons of shows on Netflix: Orange is the New Back, Breaking Bad, random movies.
  • Hitting the Gym together, he motivates me to go more than i motivate myself in all honesty lol. He’s such a good support system.
  • Trying different restaurants around our area especially in Williamsburg, North Side of Brooklyn. We tried this neat place called The Lodge once which was great and also go to our usually spots like Grand Morelos, yum.
  • Having breakfast at our favorite little hole in the wall spot called Bills by my home, especially on Sundays, then hitting church right after :).
  • Taking the kids to different places so they aren’t cooped up at home. Sesame Place & Laser Bounce is one of our recent places.
  • Learning more about his Fire Fighter duties ….. which at times scares me, sometimes I ask him to stop telling me but let him continue because I know if the tables were turned I would want someone to listen to me.
  • Deciding on future trips and Vacations to try out. Especially since we did not take one this year.

Time together is always great especially when you spend it with someone you love.

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