My Easter Week

Back from church and having a DD day!
I am off this whole week from work and i am actually enjoying the quiet alone time a bit. I can catch up on my current reading and just enjoy some me time. I had a nice Easter too, went to my church and after I met with Thomas and had some sushi 🙂 in the north side of Brooklyn. I am so happy he learned to eat it, he can be a picky eater only because he likes to play it safe when it comes to food, especially eating out, he doesn’t want to order something he doesn’t enjoy and honestly, i don’t blame him. But it’s always good to try something new.
UntitledThomas leaning to use chopsticks
We have just been enjoying time together and we even went to the City on a little date night, we ended up in the Village and went to a good coffee shop there called The Bean, nice place and i had my first taste of macaroons. I never tried them before and the girl at the counter said the passion fruit one was to die for, and she was right! I loved it! But $2.50 each for the size of maybe a quarter and a half eeks, it’s not even a cupcake, kind of pricey but good!
#Nyc #thevillage Date night with the lovie!My very first macaroon I loved it! Passion Fruit!
And before that i got to hang with the girls Helen & Rachel just a girls day to have drinks and Mexican food at this really nice place in Long Island called Cabo.
Look at that wall art! Loved it! It was right above our booth.
Chloe enjoying spring!
Chloe and Lola have been keeping me lots of company, for some reason since the Family is away at Florida she has been wanting to sleep in my bed a lot which they never do, i just let her 🙂 of course.
Lola just sitting in front of me just staring. Creepy?!
Or staring at me while i blog or read, yeaaaaa that’s Lola, creepy! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! xoxo.

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