New Year Resolution!

Here’s to saying goodbye to 2016, I can’t believe the year came and went. It wasn’t a good year, so much heartache and losing loved ones don’t even get me started on what’s happening around us in this world, yet it was a blessed year seeing love ones reach milestones, family time and reaching goals, it’s mainly what brought joy to our hearts this year. For 2017 I want to focus more on what I want to do in life. Mainly taking care of myself physically and financially. So much has gone on this year, and I realize life is way too short to take for granted. My New Year Resolutions for this year are:

Eating Healthier | It doesn’t have to be a diet or completely cutting things out, but about making better choices in what I put into my mouth. Lately I feel like I just eat whatever is around, and most of the time it isn’t nutritious and I feel it too, so I would like to cut that out and have more healthy things around to give me energy.

Working on my Business | I’ve always wanted to start something creative as a business, I have it in my thoughts, and I know what I would like to accomplish but time goes fast and I haven’t gotten it done, obviously I need to focus more! This year I want to just jump start it and see where it goes.

Make time for myself | Seriously we should always be doing this for ourselves. It’s just hard to at times. So I want to focus on making time to do the things I enjoy for myself. Like reading the Bible, Reading a good book, pampering myself when needed and doing things that I find joy in.

Cook more Recipes | I’m not a cooker. I love a good cookbook or new recipes and I’ve pinned a million, so this year I want to start using my slow/pressure cooker, cookbooks and start cooking those recipes! Not that I don’t cook well, just my husband is way better at it, he’s a natural.

Continue to be Organized | My organization habits have helped a lot this year, it helps keep my mind, home and family sane and for 2017 I want to continue the habit and also have my kids on a better schedule.

Stop Procrastinating | Just get it done, stop leaving it for later or for last minute. I need to push myself a little more.

Use my camera often | I use to constantly take photos and lately I just stopped, which is crazy because my boys are at the stages where they reach milestones and I haven’t been documenting that as much, so I want to get into the habit of using my DSLR more often and learning the settings to get a better understanding of using it.

Simple as that! I don’t think that’s putting too much on my plate 🙂 what are your goals this year? Hope everyone had a fabulous new year!

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