Puerto Rico 2012 | Part 1 We’ve arrived!

So i am back from my vacation to Puerto Rico! I kind of got home sick and i am actually happy to be back, although i did have a nice time with my friends. But there is just something about being home in your space and taking a shower with actual hot water and actual pressure that makes you glad your home and appreciate it, you feel me? lol well yea it was great, we went to the beach almost every day, ate like crazy and drank till our livers cried out stop. Here are a couple of pictures of our first few nights there.
We've arrived!!!!! Puerto Rico look out!!!!! #teammedalla2012 @xxhelennxx @_an6el_ @_raquelita_ @forlareal0

.@_raquelita_ @xxhelennxx @_xmelx3 #nails #neoncolors #shelac #funtimes #girlpower #teammedalla2012 #puertorican #dasit

My lovie + I @forlareal #teammedalla2012#bugeyes #fishface #teammedalla2012Fun times! #teammedalla2012Rachel @_raquelita_ @xxhelennxx #teammedalla2012My lovie + I @forlareal #teammedalla2012

Our first night there we hit up a bar in the local area of San Sebastian and this man was dancing his butt off with a beer on his head lol.This is how a boricua parties!!!!! #teammedalla2012

I was so tired after our 5 am flight i went to bed early (party pooper status, i know) but it was much needed (plus i was slightly drunk). Everyone else partied the night away having some night time swimming fun in a friends pool across the street from where we stayed.

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